PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Form Form code
Capital adequacy (Level 1) ARF_110_0_1
Capital adequacy (Level 2) ARF_110_0_2
Fair Values ARF_111_0
Standardised credit risk - On-balance sheet assets ARF_112_1A
Standardised credit risk - Off-balance sheet exposures ARF_112_2A
FIRB - Corporate ARF_113_0A
FIRB - Sovereign ARF_113_0B
FIRB - Bank ARF_113_0C
FIRB - SME Corporate ARF_113_0D
FIRB - Specialised lending ARF_113_0E
AIRB - Corporate ARF_113_1A
AIRB - Sovereign ARF_113_1B
AIRB - Bank ARF_113_1C
AIRB - SME corporate ARF_113_1D
AIRB - Specialised lending ARF_113_1E
IRB - Specialised lending supervisory slotting ARF_113_2
IRB retail - Residential mortgages ARF_113_3A
IRB retail - Qualifying revolving ARF_113_3B
IRB retail - Other ARF_113_3C
IRB retail - SME ARF_113_3D
IRB - Other assets, claims and exposures ARF_113_4
Standardised - Operational risk ARF_114_0
AMA - Regulatory capital requirement ARF_115_0A
AMA - Operational risk losses - Current six months ARF_115_0B
AMA - Operational risk losses - Previous six months ARF_115_0C
Market risk table 1 ARF_116_0_1
Market risk table 10 ARF_116_0_10
Market risk table 11 ARF_116_0_11
Market risk table 12 ARF_116_0_12
Market risk table 13 ARF_116_0_13
Market risk table 14 ARF_116_0_14
Market risk table 15 ARF_116_0_15
Market risk table 16 ARF_116_0_16
Market risk table 17 ARF_116_0_17
Market risk table 18 ARF_116_0_18
Market risk table 19 ARF_116_0_19
Market risk table 2 ARF_116_0_2
Market risk table 20 ARF_116_0_20
Market risk table 21 ARF_116_0_21
Market risk table 22 ARF_116_0_22
Market Risk Table 23 ARF_116_0_23
Market risk table 3 ARF_116_0_3
Market risk table 4 ARF_116_0_4
Market risk table 5 ARF_116_0_5
Market risk table 6 ARF_116_0_6
Market risk table 7 ARF_116_0_7
Market risk table 8 ARF_116_0_8
Market risk table 9 ARF_116_0_9
Market risk summary table ARF_116_0_SU
Repricing analysis - denominated in AUD ARF_117_0A
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_1 ARF_117_0B_1
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_2 ARF_117_0B_2
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_3 ARF_117_0B_3
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_4 ARF_117_0B_4
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_5 ARF_117_0B_5
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_6 ARF_117_0B_6
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_7 ARF_117_0B_7
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_8 ARF_117_0B_8
Repricing analysis - denominated in foreign currency_9 ARF_117_0B_9
Interest rate risk in the banking book ARF_117_1
Off-balance sheet business ARF_118_0
Other Off-Balance Sheet Exposures ARF_118_1
Securitisation - Regulatory Capital ARF_120_1
Securitisation - Supplementary items ARF_120_2
Standardised - Counterparty Credit Risk and CVA Risk ARF_180_1
IRB - Counterparty Credit Risk and CVA Risk ARF_180_2
Restricted ADI ARF_199_0
Liquidity Coverage Ratio - all currencies ARF_210_1A
Liquidity Coverage Ratio - AUD only ARF_210_1B
Minimum Liquidity Holdings Ratio ARF_210_2
Contractual Maturity Mismatch - Funded Assets ARF_210_3_1
Contractual Maturity Mismatch - Funding Liabilities and Capital ARF_210_3_2
3-year Funding Plan ARF_210_4
Net Stable Funding Ratio ARF_210_6
Impaired Facilities (Consolidated) ARF_220_0_C
Impaired Facilities (Licensed) ARF_220_0_L
Prescribed Provisioning ARF_220_3
Movements In Provisions For Impairment ARF_220_5
Large Exposures ARF_221_0
Large Exposures - Foreign ADI ARF_221_1
Exposures to Related Entities ARF_222_0
Residential Mortgage Lending ARF_223_0
Margining and risk mitigation for non-centrally cleared derivatives ARF_226_0
Commercial Property ARF_230_0
REPOS & Stock Lending/Borrowing ARF_320_5
Housing Loan Reconciliation ARF_320_8
Statement of Financial Position (C) ARF_322_0
Statement of Financial Position (L) ARF_323_0
ADI International Operations_1 ARF_325_0_1
ADI International Operations_10 ARF_325_0_10
ADI International Operations_11 ARF_325_0_11
ADI International Operations_12 ARF_325_0_12
ADI International Operations_13 ARF_325_0_13
ADI International Operations_14 ARF_325_0_14
ADI International Operations_15 ARF_325_0_15
ADI International Operations_16 ARF_325_0_16
ADI International Operations_17 ARF_325_0_17
ADI International Operations_18 ARF_325_0_18
ADI International Operations_19 ARF_325_0_19
ADI International Operations_2 ARF_325_0_2
ADI International Operations_20 ARF_325_0_20
ADI International Operations_21 ARF_325_0_21
ADI International Operations_22 ARF_325_0_22
ADI International Operations_23 ARF_325_0_23
ADI International Operations_24 ARF_325_0_24
ADI International Operations_25 ARF_325_0_25
ADI International Operations_26 ARF_325_0_26
ADI International Operations_27 ARF_325_0_27
ADI International Operations_28 ARF_325_0_28
ADI International Operations_29 ARF_325_0_29
ADI International Operations_3 ARF_325_0_3
ADI International Operations_30 ARF_325_0_30
ADI International Operations_31 ARF_325_0_31
ADI International Operations_32 ARF_325_0_32
ADI International Operations_33 ARF_325_0_33
ADI International Operations_34 ARF_325_0_34
ADI International Operations_35 ARF_325_0_35
ADI International Operations_36 ARF_325_0_36
ADI International Operations_37 ARF_325_0_37
ADI International Operations_38 ARF_325_0_38
ADI International Operations_39 ARF_325_0_39
ADI International Operations_4 ARF_325_0_4
ADI International Operations_40 ARF_325_0_40
ADI International Operations_41 ARF_325_0_41
ADI International Operations_42 ARF_325_0_42
ADI International Operations_43 ARF_325_0_43
ADI International Operations_44 ARF_325_0_44
ADI International Operations_45 ARF_325_0_45
ADI International Operations_46 ARF_325_0_46
ADI International Operations_47 ARF_325_0_47
ADI International Operations_48 ARF_325_0_48
ADI International Operations_49 ARF_325_0_49
ADI International Operations_5 ARF_325_0_5
ADI International Operations_50 ARF_325_0_50
ADI International Operations_6 ARF_325_0_6
ADI International Operations_7 ARF_325_0_7
ADI International Operations_8 ARF_325_0_8
ADI International Operations_9 ARF_325_0_9
Statement of Financial Performance (Consolidated Group) ARF_330_0_C
Statement of Financial Performance (Licensed ADI) ARF_330_0_L
Interest Income and Interest Expense (Consolidated Group) ARF_330_1_C
Interest Income and Interest Expense (Licensed ADI) ARF_330_1_L
Other Operating Income (Consolidated Group) ARF_330_2_C
Other Operating Income (Licensed Entity) ARF_330_2_L
Other Operating Expenses ARF_330_3
Selected Revenues and Expenses (Domestic books) ARF_331_0_D
Selected Revenues and Expenses (Licensed Entity) ARF_331_0_L
Statement of Economic Activity (Domestic books) ARF_332_0_D
Statement of Economic Activity (Licensed Entity) ARF_332_0_L
Commercial Finance in NSW ARF_391_0_1
Commercial Finance in VIC ARF_391_0_2
Commercial Finance in QLD ARF_391_0_3
Commercial Finance in SA ARF_391_0_4
Commercial Finance in WA ARF_391_0_5
Commercial Finance in TAS ARF_391_0_6
Commercial Finance in NT ARF_391_0_7
Commercial Finance in ACT ARF_391_0_8
Housing Finance in NSW ARF_392_0_1
Housing Finance in VIC ARF_392_0_2
Housing Finance in QLD ARF_392_0_3
Housing Finance in SA ARF_392_0_4
Housing Finance in WA ARF_392_0_5
Housing Finance in TAS ARF_392_0_6
Housing Finance in NT ARF_392_0_7
Housing Finance in ACT ARF_392_0_8
Lease Finance in NSW ARF_393_0_1
Lease Finance in VIC ARF_393_0_2
Lease Finance in QLD ARF_393_0_3
Lease Finance in SA ARF_393_0_4
Lease Finance in WA ARF_393_0_5
Lease Finance in TAS ARF_393_0_6
Lease Finance in NT ARF_393_0_7
Lease Finance in ACT ARF_393_0_8
Personal Finance in NSW ARF_394_0_1
Personal Finance in VIC ARF_394_0_2
Personal Finance in QLD ARF_394_0_3
Personal Finance in SA ARF_394_0_4
Personal Finance in WA ARF_394_0_5
Personal Finance in TAS ARF_394_0_6
Personal Finance in NT ARF_394_0_7
Personal Finance in ACT ARF_394_0_8
Business Finance Statistics ARF_395_0
Banking Executive Accountability Regime - Registration Form ARF_550_0
ABS/RBA Statement of Financial Position (Standard) ARF_720_0A
ABS/RBA Statement of Financial Position (Reduced) ARF_720_0B
ABS/RBA Loans and Finance Leases (Standard) ARF_720_1A
ABS/RBA Loans and Finance Leases (Reduced) ARF_720_1B
ABS/RBA Deposits (Standard) ARF_720_2A
ABS/RBA Deposits (Reduced) ARF_720_2B
ABS/RBA Intra-group Assets & Liabilities ARF_720_3
ABS/RBA Debt Securities Held ARF_720_4
ABS/RBA Equity Securities Held ARF_720_5
ABS/RBA Securities on Issue ARF_720_6
ABS/RBA Bill Acceptances and Endorsements ARF_720_7
ABS/RBA Repurchase Agreements and Securities Lending (Option A) ARF_721_0A
ABS/RBA Repurchase Agreements and Securities Lending (Option B) ARF_721_0B
ABS/RBA Margin Lending ARF_723_0
ABS/RBA Statement of Financial Performance ARF_730_0
ABS/RBA Fees Charged ARF_730_1
International Banking Statistics - Locational Data ARF_731_1
International Banking Statistics - Immediate and Ultimate Risk Exposures - Domestic Entity ARF_731_3A
International Banking Statistics - Immediate and Ultimate Risk Exposures - Foreign Entity ARF_731_3B
International Banking Statistics - Balance Sheet Items ARF_731_4
ABS/RBA Business Finance ARF_741_0
ABS/RBA Business Credit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Standard) ARF_742_0A
ABS/RBA Business Credit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Reduced) ARF_742_0B
ABS/RBA Housing Finance ARF_743_0
ABS/RBA Housing Credit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Standard) ARF_744_0A
ABS/RBA Housing Credit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Reduced) ARF_744_0B
ABS/RBA Personal Finance ARF_745_0
ABS/RBA Personal Credit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Standard) ARF_746_0A
ABS/RBA Personal Credit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Reduced) ARF_746_0B
ABS/RBA Deposit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Standard) ARF_747_0A
ABS/RBA Deposit Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Reduced) ARF_747_0B
ABS/RBA Wholesale Funding Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Standard) ARF_748_0A
ABS/RBA Wholesale Funding Stocks, Flows and Interest Rates (Reduced) ARF_748_0B
DAWR Agricultural Lending ARF_750_0
ATO collection for Major Bank Levy Act 2017 ARF_760_0
Points of Presence - Face-to-Face Service Channels ARF_796_1
Points of Presence - ATMs ARF_796_2
Points of Presence - EFTPOS Terminals ARF_796_3
Financial Claims Scheme Data Collection ARF_910_0