PET - Plain English Taxonomy

ARF_330_2_C: Other Operating Income (C)
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Quarterly Millions to one decimal place for banks
  Whole dollars   no decimal place for other ADIs
Reporting Consolidation
Group Book
1. Dividend Revenue  
1.1. Controlled entities
1.2. Associates
1.3. Other
2. Trading Income  
2.1. Trading securities revenue
2.2. Unrealised fair value gains and (losses) from trading book derivatives
2.3. Net Realised profit/(loss) on sale of trading book securities  
2.3.1. Physical
2.3.2. Derivatives
2.4. Other
3. Unrealised fair value gains and (losses) from banking book derivatives
4. Net Realised Profit/(Loss)   on Sale of Investment Securities  
4.1. Physical
4.2. Derivatives
5. Foreign exchange
6. Fee and Commission  
6.1. Lending
6.2. Transaction/deposit account service fee
6.3. Funds management
6.4. Broking activities
6.5. Underwriting activities
6.6. Syndication activities
6.7. Corporate advisory activities
6.8. Securitisation activities
6.9. Other
7. Life Insurance  
7.1. Change in excess of market value over net assets of life insurance subsidiary
7.2. Income from life insurance business
8. Income from General Insurance Business
9. Rental Income
10. Net Profit/Loss on Sale  
10.1. Investments in controlled entities
10.2. Investments in associates/joint ventures
10.3. Intangible assets
10.4. Other assets (other than trading & investment securities)
11. Net Increment/Decrement (or write-down) taken direct to the Profit & Loss from the Revaluation of (other than securities)  
11.1. Plant and equipment
11.2. Investment property
11.3. Investment in controlled entities  
11.4. Investment in associates/joint ventures
11.5. Intangibles
11.6. Other assets
12. Other Income
13. Total Other Operating Income