PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Attribute: BSAO17698
Label: Securitised Assets
Concept Guidance:
This is the principal amount, gross of provisions for impairment and including accrued interest, of assets that have been sold to or originated into securitisation programs, by or on behalf of the reporting party, or by a third party to a securitisation program sponsored by the reporting party, as at the relevant date. A securitisation program represents a structure (a special purpose vehicle, or SPV) where the cash flows from a pool (of assets, or interests in assets) are used to service obligations to creditors (typically holders of debt securities) who fund the SPV.A SPV is a "bankruptcy-remote entity" with operations limited to the acquisition and financing of specific assets. Usually a subsidiary entity with balance sheet and legal status that makes its obligations secure even if the parent company goes bankrupt. 
Dimension Member Description
This dimension categorises reported information based on the type of relationship between two or more counterparties or based on the level of entity consolidation.
Report only where the counterparty does not have an intra-group relationship with the reporting party. An intra-group relationship exists between a reporting party and its parent entity, controlled entities, associated entities, joint ventures and other branches under the same parent entity.