PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Form Form code
Prescribed Capital Amount (SF, GF) LRF_110_1
Prescribed Capital Amount (Entity) LRF_110_2
Determination of Capital Base (SF) LRF_112_0
Determination of Capital Base (GF) LRF_112_1
Determination of Capital Base (Entity) LRF_112_2
Related Party Exposures LRF_112_3
Asset Risk Charge LRF_114_0
Derivatives Activity LRF_114_2
Off-balance Sheet Business LRF_114_3
Insurance Risk Charge (SF) LRF_115_0
Insurance Risk Charge (GF) LRF_115_1
Asset Concentration Risk Charge LRF_117_0
Operational Risk Charge LRF_118_0
Capital Adequacy Supplementary Information LRF_200_0
Statement of Financial Position (SF and SF Eliminations) LRF_300_1
Statement of Financial Position (SF Total, GF, GF Elim, Entity) LRF_300_2
Income Statement (SF and SF Eliminations) LRF_310_1
Income Statement (SF Total, GF, GF Elim, Entity) LRF_310_2
Summary of Revenue and Expenses LRF_330_0
Retained Profits (SF and SF Eliminations) LRF_340_1
Retained Profits (SF Total, GF, GF Elim, Entity) LRF_340_2
Statement of Policy Liabilities LRF_400_0
Assets Backing Policy Liabilities LRF_420_0
Sources of Profit LRF_430_0