PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Form Form code
Profile and Structure (Baseline) SRF_001_0
Operational Risk Financial Requirement SRF_114_0
Operational Risk Financial Requirement SRF_114_1
Defined Benefit Matters SRF_160_0
Defined Benefit Member Flows SRF_160_1
Self-Insurance SRF_161_0
Acquired Insurance SRF_250_0
Statement of Financial Position SRF_320_0
Statement of Financial Position SRF_320_1
Statement of Financial Performance SRF_330_0
Statement of Financial Performance SRF_330_1
Statement of Financial Performance SRF_330_2
Services SRF_331_0
Accrued Default Amounts SRF_410_0
Responsible Persons Information SRF_520_0
Investments SRF_530_0
Investment Flows SRF_531_0
Investment Exposure Concentrations SRF_532_0
Asset Allocation SRF_533_0
Asset Allocation and Members Benefits Flows SRF_533_1
Derivative Financial Instruments SRF_534_0
Securities Lending SRF_535_0
Fees SRF_540_0
Profile and Structure (RSE Licensee) SRF_600_0
Profile and Structure (RSE) SRF_601_0
Wind up SRF_602_0
Membership Profile SRF_610_0
Changes in Membership Profile SRF_610_1
Membership Profile SRF_610_2
Product Dashboard SRF_700_0
Investment Performance SRF_702_0
Fees Disclosed SRF_703_0
Conditions of Release SRF_710_0
SuperStream Benchmarking Measures SRF_711_0
ABS Statement of Financial Position SRF_720_0
ABS Securities Subject to Repurchase and Resale and Stock Lending and Borrowing SRF_721_0
ABS Derivatives Schedule SRF_722_0
Financial Statements SRF_800_0
Investments and Investment Flows SRF_801_0
Fund Profile SRF_802_0