PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Label: Assets Exposures Applications Received Finance Number
TREF ID: DE15087
Data Type: xbrli:nonNegativeIntegerItemType
Period Type: duration
Business Description & Guidance:
This is the number of genuine applications received for any finance facility made by a potential borrower. Sufficient information and/or relevant documentation have been submitted to allow for the application to be initially assessed. 

Form Labels
Loan applications received - number of facilities
Include internal refinancing. Report the total amount of finance applied for but exclude applications for pre-approval of finance. Facilities are one or more accounts/lending agreements that: are for the same borrower(s); are approved at the same point in time and/or as part of the same application; are for the same purpose class (and property purpose if housing); and differ only by characteristics relating to interest rate type (fixed interest rate or variable interest rate) and/or repayment type (interest-only or amortising). When reporting on the number of facilities, report each facility once. Where interest rate types or repayment types are separately identified, report the number of facilities according to the predominant interest rate type or repayment type by value.