PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Label: Capital Expenditure Computers and Computer Peripherals Amount
Data Type: xbrli:monetaryItemType
Period Type: duration
Balance Type: debit
Business Description & Guidance:
Capital expenditure is the expenditure by an entity of a significant amount for the purchase or improvement of a fixed asset; the amount expended would warrant the item being depreciated over an estimated useful life of a reasonably extended period. Capital expenditure is not charged against the profits of the entity when it takes place, but is regarded as an investment to be capitalised in the balance sheet as a fixed asset and subsequently charged against profits by depreciating the asset over its estimated useful life.Capital expenditure for computers and computer peripherals is limited to computers and computer peripherals and associated capitalised costs only (e.g. legal fees) and does not include capital expenditure on any other asset types. 

Form Labels
Computers and computer peripherals