PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Label: Assets.Cash And Liquid Assets RRF320 Subtotal Amount
Data Type: xbrli:monetaryItemType
Period Type: instant
Balance Type: debit
Business Description & Guidance:
This is the sum of: - notes and coins;- deposits at call;- gold bullion; and- receivables from financial institutionsFor the purposes of this item exclude deposits which are not at call. The value of these items are to be determined in accordance with accounting standards.Notes and coins are currency notes and coins held by the reporting party at the relevant date.Deposits at call are redeemable or withdrawable by the reporting party on demand or within 24 hours.Gold Bullion includes gold coin and gold certificates.Receivables from financial institutions comprises:- Net claims and settlement account balances with:      - Recognised clearing houses;      - Bank payment clearing systems;      - Approved Deposit-taking Institutions;      - Registered Financial Corporations; and      - Reserve Bank of Australia- Margin deposits with brokers; and- Items in the course of collection in relation to the payment system. 

Form Labels
Total cash and liquid assets