PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Name: EntitlementToDiscretionaryAdditionsDimension
Label: Entitlement To Discretionary Additions Dimension
Type: Predefined
This dimension categorises the reported information by entitlements to discretionary additions. Discretionary addition means an amount added to a non-participating benefit, at the discretion of a life company, to reflect the investment experience of the assets backing the benefit, but excluding any guaranteed rate of addition also applicable to the benefit. For this definition an amount added to a benefit is defined to mean any change to the previously applying contractual conditions that is beneficial to the policy owner.

Dimension Members
Name Label TREF ID Description
WithEntitlementToDiscretionaryAdditions With Entitlement To Discretionary Additions DV6155
The information reported is with entitlement to discretionary additions.
WithoutEntitlementToDiscretionaryAdditions Without Entitlement To Discretionary Additions DV6156
The information reported is without entitlement to discretionary additions.