PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Name: RelativePeriodDurationDimension
Label: Relative Period Duration Dimension
Type: Predefined
The context that allows reported data to be categorised according to time durations relative to a particular date.

Dimension Members
Name Label TREF ID Description
All All DV138
Sum of a number of periods within the context of the report
EarliestYear Earliest Year DV7006
Earliest year.
GreaterThan3YearsLessThanOrEqual5yearsPrior Greater Than 3 Years Less Than Or Equal 5years Prior DV8284
The period that is greater than 3 years and less than or equal to 5 years prior to the current period.
GreaterThan5YearsPrior Greater Than 5 Years Prior DV8283
The period that is greater than 5 years prior to the current period.
LessThanOrEqual3YearsPrior Less Than Or Equal 3 Years Prior DV8285
The period that is less than or equal to 3 years prior to the current period.
MiddleYear Middle Year DV5990
Middle year
WithinPrevious3Months Within Previous 3 Months DV7153
Represents the period that is within previous 3 months.
Y0 Y0 DV139
Current Year
Y0Minus Y0Minus DV140
Brought forward from previous years
Y0Minus1 Y0Minus1 DV141
Current Year minus 1
Y0Minus10SAP2 Y0Minus10SAP DV142
10  financial years from the current financial year for all Substituted Accounting Period (SAP) entities. This means from the earliest balancing entity to the latest balancing entity will span over three financial years
Y0Minus2 Y0Minus2 DV143
Current Year minus 2
Y0Minus3 Y0Minus3 DV144
Current Year minus 3
Y0Minus4 Y0Minus4 DV145
Current Year minus 4
Y0Minus4Plus Y0Minus4Plus DV146
Current Year minus 4 or more
Y0Minus5Plus Y0Minus5Plus DV147
Current Year minus 5 or more
Y0Plus Y0Plus DV730
Carried forward to later income years
Y0Plus1 Y0 Plus 1 DV5992
Carried forward to next year
Current financial year related to Substituted Accounting Period (SAP) entities.
YEarliestFromCurrent Y Earliest From Current DV7005
Carried back to earliest year from current year.
YEarliestFromMiddle Y Earliest From Middle DV7004
Carried back to earliest year from middle year.
YMiddle Y Middle DV5993
Carried back to middle year
YPrevious Y Previous DV5991
Carried forward from previous year