PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Name: PeriodTypeDimension
Label: Period Type Dimension
Type: Predefined
Further qualifies the nature of the period when the periodicity is not enough

Dimension Members
Name Label TREF ID Description
EndPeriod End Period DV6980
This represents the end of the reporting period.
EndPreviousPeriod End Previous Period DV8542
This represents the end of the previous reporting period.
PartPeriod Part Period DV44
Part Period
PayrollPeriod Payroll Period DV8053
This represents a Payroll period.
Quarterly Quarterly DV5958
A period of three months for the report period of twelve months.
SplitRate Split Rate DV45
Split Rate
StartPeriod Start Period DV6979
This represents the beginning of the reporting period.
YearToDate Year To Date DV8054
This represents the Year To Date period.