PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Name: NameOfCoreExternalBankingSystemDimension
Label: Name Of Core External Banking System Dimension
Type: Predefined
Name of the external core banking system.

Dimension Members
Name Label TREF ID Description
DataActionCoreBankingSystem Data Action Core Banking System DV8482
The core banking system of Data Action that is called Data Action Core Banking System.
FiservSignature Fiserv Signature DV8487
The core banking system of Fiserv that is called Signature.
OtherCoreBankingSystem Other Core Banking System DV8486
A core banking system that is not reported elsewhere.
TataConsultancyServicesTCSBANCS Tata Consultancy Services TCSBANCS DV8484
The core banking system of TATA Consultancy Services that is called TCS BaNCS.
TemenosCoreBanking Temenos Core Banking DV8483
The core banking system of Temenos that is called Core Banking.
UltradataUltracs Ultradata Ultracs DV8485
The core banking system of Ultradata that is called Ultracs.