PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Name: StageOfFinanceDimension
Label: Stage Of Finance Dimension
Type: Predefined
The information provided relates to the various steps in the provision of finance.

Dimension Members
Name Label TREF ID Description
Application Application DV8607
The information relates to a genuine application for finance made by a potential borrower. It covers internal refinancing, but not applications for pre-approval of finance.
ApplicationReceived Application Received DV8612
The information relates to an application for finance is received by the entity when sufficient information and/or relevant documentation have been submitted to allow for the application to be initially assessed.It covers any applications subsequently withdrawn or cancelled in the same reporting period the application is received.
BorrowerAcceptedCommitment Borrower Accepted Commitment DV8609
The information relates to any firm offer to provide finance that has been accepted by the borrower. A borrower-accepted commitment exists for a loan or finance lease once an application has been approved, a loan/finance lease contract or letter of offer has been issued to the borrower, and the borrower has accepted the offer. For bills, a borrower-accepted commitment occurs when the bill is accepted.It covers agreements to increase the credit limit of an existing loan contract.
CreditOutstanding Credit Outstanding DV8610
The information relates the remaining value that the borrower must repay once a borrower-accepted commitment has been drawn down.
CreditOutstandingNetOfOffsetAccountBalances Credit Outstanding Net Of Offset Account Balances DV8608
The information reported relates to facilities with credit outstanding net of any linked offset account balances.
Drawdowns Drawdowns DV8611
The information relates to once a borrower-accepted commitment to provide finance has been funded, the approved amount of finance may be drawn and used by the borrower. Any amounts drawn down by the borrower are included in credit outstanding from the period in which they are drawn (and not the period in which they were committed).
Funded Funded DV8613
The information provided is considered funded for a loan or finance lease once any portion of the funds is made available for the borrower to draw down according to the terms of the contract. This will occur after there is a borrower-accepted commitment to provide finance.