PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Name: ApplicationToPaymentDurationDimension
Label: Application To Payment Duration Dimension
Type: Predefined
The length of time (in business days) from the date an Early Release Initiative (ERI) payment application was received by the Registrable Superannuation Entity (RSE) from the Australian Taxation Office to the date payment was made to the member.

Dimension Members
Name Label TREF ID Description
EightBusinessDays Eight Business Days DV9015
The length of time is eight business days.
FiveBusinessDays Five Business Days DV9016
The length of time is five business days.
FourBusinessDays Four Business Days DV9017
The length of time is four business days.
NineBusinessDays Nine Business Days DV9014
The length of time is nine business days.
OneBusinessDayOrLess One Business Day Or Less DV9008
The length of time is one business day or less.
SevenBusinessDays Seven Business Days DV9010
The length of time is seven business days.
SixBusinessDays Six Business Days DV9009
The length of time is six business days.
TenBusinessDaysOrLonger Ten Business Days Or Longer DV9011
The length of time is ten business days or longer.
ThreeBusinessDays Three Business Days DV9012
The length of time is three business days.
TwoBusinessDays Two Business Days DV9013
The length of time is two business days.