PET - Plain English Taxonomy

Attribute: BSAO17602
Label: Fixed Assets - Plant and Equipment
Concept Guidance:
This is the value of plant and equipment held by the entity excluding all information technology such as devices that have a primary function related to the collection, transfer, storage, or processing of data. This is in accordance with Accounting Standards AASB 116. 
Form-Specifc Guidance:
Includes furniture, equipment (excluding information technology), re-modelling costs to existing premises, and interest capitalised during the period of construction of buildings in accordance with AASB 116.
Dimension Member Description
This dimension categorises the reported data according to the accounting valuation scenario, in relation to impairment, under which the reported value was calculated.
The information reported is in relation to the value that has been calculated before allowing for any adjustment to the value of the asset or liability in accordance with treatment permitted under accounting standards or prudential standards.
The intent of the transaction being entered into by the reporting entity.
Information in relation to assets or liabilities acquired or incurred principally for use within the operations of the business and with no profit-taking motive.