PET - Plain English Taxonomy

GRF_116_0: Insurance Concentration Risk Charge
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Quarterly / Annual Thousands of dollars no decimal place
Reporting Consolidation
Licensed insurer
1. Natural perils vertical requirement (NP VR)
1.1. Basis for determination of NP VR (Gross/Net)
1.2. NP PML
1.3. Less: NP reinsurance recoverables
1.4. Net whole-of-portfolio loss
1.5. Less: NP reinstatement premiums
1.6. Add: NP reinstatement cost
1.7. Less: Other adjustments
2. Natural perils horizontal requirement (NP HR)
2.1. Commencement date of catastrophe reinsurance program
2.2. End date of catastrophe reinsurance program
2.3. H3 requirement
2.3.1. Basis for determination of H3 requirement (Gross/Net)
2.3.2. Single event loss from H3 event
First event Second event Third event Total
2.3.3. H3 reinsurance recoverables
2.3.4. H3 aggregate offset
2.3.5. H3 reinstatement premiums
2.3.6. H3 reinstatement cost  
2.3.7. H3 loss per event
2.4. H4 requirement
2.4.1. Basis for determination of H4 requirement (Gross/Net)
2.4.2. Single event loss from H4 event
First event Second event Third event Fourth event Total
2.4.3. H4 reinsurance recoverables
2.4.4. H4 aggregate offset
2.4.5. H4 reinstatement premiums
2.4.6. H4 reinstatement cost  
2.4.7. H4 loss per event
2.5. PL offset
3. Other accumulations vertical requirement (OA VR)
3.1. OA PML
3.2. Less: PL adjustment to OA PML
3.3. Less: OA reinsurance recoverables
3.4. Add: OA reinstatement cost
4. LMI concentration risk charge
5. Adjustments to Insurance Concentration Risk Charge
Description Transitional? Amount
6. Insurance Concentration Risk Charge