PET - Plain English Taxonomy

GRF_400_0_L: Statement of Risk by Country (L)
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Quarterly / Annual Thousands of dollars no decimal place
Reporting Consolidation
Licensed Insurer
Total Australia New Zealand USA UK Japan Sth East Asia (excluding Japan) Continental Europe Other
1. Premium revenue                  
1.1. Direct
1.2. Inwards reinsurance
2. Reinsurance expense                  
2.1. Direct
2.2. Inwards reinsurance
3. Claims expense relating to current and prior years                  
3.1. Direct
3.2. Inwards reinsurance
4. Reinsurance recoveries revenue relating to current and prior years
5. Investment Income
6. Amounts recoverable on reinsurance contracts & outstanding claims
7. Deferred acquisition costs
8. Deferred reinsurance expense
9. Other reinsurance assets
10. Investments
11. Other investments
12. All other assets
13. Total assets
14. Unearned premium liability
15. Outstanding claims liabilities
16. Borrowings/loan capital
17. Other
18. Total liabilities